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Jaydinger 2

Posted On July 24, 2014By Julia HarrisIn News

Jaydinger bid Cape Town farewell

Tired of doing the right thing and waiting for McJoy and the O'Lewis's to tie the knot first, Jaydinger eloped quietly out of the country on Wednesday with the intention of tying the knot in Minnesota.Read More

Posted On July 23, 2014By Julia HarrisIn News

Pinelands goes all out with Chilli ticker-tape parade

Pinelands came to a standstill on Wednesday afternoon, although it was impossible to notice, as Chilli took the recently won Men's National Trophy on a parade around the suburb.Read More

Posted On July 20, 2014By Julia HarrisIn News

Confidential Chilli contract leaked

The rumour mill was abuzz in Pinelands on Sunday after it was confirmed that portions of the Chilli contract handed out to one of the club's new recruits had been leaked to the press.Read More
Chilli Germany

Posted On July 16, 2014By Julia HarrisIn News

Germany reveal Chilli inspiration

The German football team ended their 24-year wait for World Cup glory on Sunday and sources within the camp have revealed that Chilli’s victory at Open Nationals had helped to motivate the team.Read More
Chilli Huck Off

Posted On July 12, 2014By Julia HarrisIn News

Chilli claim Open honours

The 2014 Open and Women’s Nationals will be remembered fondly by Chilli Ultimate, after the Chilli Open team claimed the title, with sister team Huck Off also coming out on top.Read More

Posted On July 2, 2014By Julia HarrisIn News

Chilli pay tribute to departing Purcell

Perhaps it's the appearance of his name on the Doublewide roaster for the upcoming US Open, but we're finally coming to terms with the fact that Ryan Purcell and his colour-coordianted accessories have left South Africa.Read More