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Home Bru

Posted On August 20, 2014By Julia HarrisIn News

The mate in Ultimate that changed my life

Ultimate has had a positive impact on many of our lives; it's a special sport that tends to become so much more than just a sport. Keke 'he's not on Chilli but we love him anyway' Motjuwadi gives us a reminder of how lucky we are to call ourselves Ultimate players.Read More
Chilli Huck Off

Posted On August 13, 2014By Julia HarrisIn News

Open and Women’s Nationals in video

We've all had those moments of trawling YouTube looking for some good Ultimate clips to feed our hunger for watching Ultimate. It always results in a match between two American teams you have no connection to. That no longer need be the case...!Read More

Posted On August 12, 2014By Julia HarrisIn News

Falling in love with Ultimate

Sometimes we forget how lucky we are to part of an amazing Ultimate community, newcomer Lottie Cripps from Chilli's sister team, Huck Off, shares her experience of finding the wonder that is Ultimate Frisbee.Read More
Bacon Butter

Posted On August 5, 2014By Julia HarrisIn News

A-Z of Nutrition: Bacon or butter?

Resident nutritional guru Nils Middelkoop provides his two cents worth on - among other topics - one of the dietary world's greatest questions: Which is better, bacon or butter?Read More