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Roark Robinson

Posted On January 30, 2015By Julia HarrisIn News

Chilli dealt a blow as Robinson departs

Flags at the Scoville Oval were flying at half mast on Saturday, as Roark Robinson completed his transfer to UCT Ultimate.Read More

Posted On January 22, 2015By Julia HarrisIn News

Chilli Summer League 2015 by the numbers

It's a new year and a new summer season is nearly upon us. Here at we like to think we're rather clever, so we've applied our minds and have given predicting the future a go...Read More
possible chilli article photo

Posted On January 5, 2015By Julia HarrisIn News

Scoville Spring

Chilli Ultimate has been rocked to the core by the news that Julia Harris has been ousted as chief editor of Reports are that the site is now being run by two local journalists who seized power in a scandalous coup straight out of a Machiavellian playbook.Read More