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Botha’s quest for triplets continues

Chilli handler Hendri Botha, who is set to miss RockTober due to paternity leave, has embarked on a protest action in an attempt to achieve his life dream of triplets.

Botha, who will become a father for the first time in a matter of days has vowed not to shave again until his wife gives him the triplets he feels that he deserves.

Botha sported a beard that would make Wolverine jealous when he dragged his 11 month pregnant wife, Tammy up Table Mountain for the Frisbee wedding of Mark and Marlise.

“Triplets are important to me,” said the extra hairy Botha, who after just two days away from his razor sported enough facial hair to stuff a continental pillow.

“Tammy thinks triplets are a luxuary, but I keep telling her I need people who will listen to me to run in a cup. Defence is not something you can scrimp on,” he said.

Sources close to the Bothas say they are hoping to have enough children to start their own Ultimate team within the next decade. “And they don’t want to play savage!”

As such Botha reportedly feels that breeding in multiples of three will help them achieve their objective quicker. “And I am not going to shave again until Tammy has three little Hendri-buns in the oven,” he said.

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