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Cape Town suffering from massive disc shortage

The Cape Town ultimate community is in the midst of a dire disc shortage, reportedly the worst since the winter of 1991, reports guest contributor Doug Mattushek.

Back then, Chilli veterans Ian Alexander and Ant Pascoe saw the community through the drought by digging into their personal stash stockpiled over the past century.

Fast forward to 2015, and the effect of the current drought was felt at the Springfest Indoor Tournament hosted at the University of Cape Town over the weekend, where several players were seen throwing around one battle-hardened disc in an awkward circle.

Another group arrived to warm up and were forced to join this circle as they too had misplaced their discs. This depressing sight lead to Chilli alumni Jonathan Aronson reflecting on his lost piece of prized plastic.

“I often think of that disc, it was just the best,” said the handler of his missing WUGC 2012 disc, which even has his name, number, email and postal address on it.

“Sometimes, I wonder if it’s thinking of me too.”

Rumours are flying around the ultimate community about where the discs have gone. Some suggest discs are being procured by non-ultimate players who sell them as paper-plate holders on the black market.

Other reports allude to several hundred discs being in Chilli’s training box. Investigators are yet to get near the said box, as cutter Mark Samuel is always using it as a seat while he puts on and takes off his cleats, repeatedly.

Another rumour that may have some merit involves the infamous Bermuda Bank at Gardens Tech. During the summer league of 2015, the south easter was responsible for taking many discs, cones and even money out the back of the endzone and into the mire, never to be seen again.

Ghost Ultimate is yet to find a volunteer brave enough for a solo rescue expedition into the heart of the Bermuda Bank. However, the club is pinning its hopes on hiring Chilli’s aspiring adventurer JP Veronese – who is currently on an epic journey to the BP from Scoville – for the mission.

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  1. That’s MY tub I sit on and use for cleating up… I promise there is nothing inside except peanuts, raisins, insulation tape and nail clippers.

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