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Chris Webster by the numbers

Following the news that Chris Webster has hung up his cleats, we’ve trawled through the history books to find the stats that matter on the Chilli legend.

A stalwart of the South African Ultimate scene, Webster made his national debut before many in the current community knew the joys of chasing a piece of plastic.

Webster made the Chilli number six jersey his own, and set many club records. While shoddy recordkeeping means that many of those records were not properly recorded, here are those that live on…

Chris Webster by the Numbers
0: Number of eggs consumed by Chris Webster at 2006 National
0: Number of times Chris raised his voice at an opposition player
1: Number of cycle races completed by Chris Webster prior to playing the MCI final in 2012
2: Number of Cheese Festivals Angus went to by himself because Chris cared more about Ultimate
4: Number of times Chris layed out
4: Number of World Champs attended by Chris
7: Total career throwaways
8: Number of Valentines cards exchanged between Finn and Chris #Bromance
82: Number of times Chris rolled his eyes when Jonno threw the disk away
489: Number of awkward hugs attempted by Chris and a teammmate
943: Number of jokes Chris told that nobody realized were jokes
1035: Number of eggs consumed by Chris Webster at 2016 Nationals

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