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Christine ‘I will school you’ Court signs loan deal with UCT Ultimate

When ‘on time’ is not an option, the next best option is ‘late’, followed by ‘never’. We’ve gone with ‘late’ on this one to avoid ‘never’.¬†Christine Court recently signed a two-year load deal with college club, UCT Ultimate, with an option to extend by one or two years.¬†

In 2012, Chilli Ultimate talent scout and chief dodgy hammer enthusiast, Jonno Luies (pronounced ‘Luies’) raided the lower league outfit of Ambassadors Ultimate and recruited a number of promising players. Roark Robinson and Gavin Buddle were among the exciting prospects to be signed. The youngest of the group of players, Christine Court, just 14, drew real excitement from the die-hard fans who followed the young players’ acquisition.

It was clear from the outset that Court was an exciting player. She made her tournament debut with Chilli, playing for the second team at the inaugural Mother City Invitational in 2013, and it was not long before she was promoted to the Chilli first team.

Indeed, Court quickly became one of the first names on the team sheet. Since 2013, Court has been an integral part of Chilli, both on and off the field. On the field she is known for her layouts, hucks, inside out forehand breaks and comfort inside an aggressive cup. Off the field, it’s her baking skills and her impressive ability to draw the dragon, phoenix and the aces and then forget to call ‘Tichu’ that she has developed a reputation for.

The loan deal decision was made after much deliberation, and was based on the player’s desire to experience playing for UCT Ultimate, a fantastic team in their own right. Court follows in the footsteps of Robinson and Buddle, who are both now plying their trade for the UCT Ultimate first team.

Ant Pascoe and Luies were present at the loan agreement signing. Luies gave his thoughts, stating that: “Chris will be hugely missed because she is one of the things that makes Chilli so great; she didn’t share the vibe, as much as she helped create it.”

Pascoe added: “This isn’t the end of the book, just the beginning of a new chapter. There are many more chapters to come and I know that some of them will have red and black all over them”.

Christine Court by the numbers
0: Layouts Christine regretted
1: Sips of beer Christine drank at Chilli parties
1: Provincial hockey trials Christine bunked to play frisbee
2: Years before Christine returns to Chilli
3: Times Chris was voted MVP of a Men’s League Game
4: Years Christine played for Chilli
4: Trophies Christine won with Chilli
36: Times Christine had to get up and move to avoid her East London stalker
42: Times Christine skied a dude
89: Questionable hucks Jonno threw to Christine
89: Number of times Christine bailed Jonno out of trouble by catching his questionable hucks

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