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New faces abound as Chilli’s women make their mark

Not content with launching a Legends team this season, the Chilli brand has continued to grow with the formation of Hot Sauce, a Chilli women’s team.

With Chilli’s sister team, double-Nationals winners Huck Off, falling away this season, and a desire within the club to maximize resources for the good of Women’s Ultimate, a fully-affiliated Chilli Women’s team has been formed.

“The decision to form a Women’s team was largely based on the resources and skill set that we have as a club, and a desire to create better sustainability for Women’s Ultimate in the long term by developing and growing a consistent team,” Hot Sauce captain Petra van der Pol told in an exclusive interview.

Van der Pol’s rise up the leadership ladder is just one example of how Hot Sauce provides a platform for women to step into new roles, with Nicky Lloyd taking up the reins of spirit captain, and Sarah-Kate Timm, who made her debut for the South African national team at last year’s World Championships, heading the coaching line-up.

The vision for the team is to develop the skills of both established players and those new to the community, and this is evident in the composition of the 2017 squad which boasts nine experienced players from Chilli and eight beginners, many of whom are getting their first taste of competitive Ultimate.

Among the new faces is Sacha Coleman who comes with quite a pedigree as the niece of Chilli legend Ian Alexander. The Sundaze game which has been loyally attended by Chilli members for eons has seen the arrival of Eunice “Bunny” Kerekang, a recruit from Botswana, while Dafi Karabounarlieva makes a return to the fray after first capturing the attention of the Chilli faithful at Spring League last year.

The combination of Chilli players and fresh faces is in line with the balance that the team is trying to strike; you don’t need to play for the Chilli Mixed team to play for the Women’s team, while under the same umbrella the two teams are separate entities.

Hot Sauce’s maiden campaign will consist of a run in the Cape Town Women’s League, and if early signs are anything to go by, the team has a bright future ahead of them.

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