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Posted On July 1, 2017By Julia HarrisIn News

New faces abound as Chilli’s women make their mark

Not content with launching a Legends team this season, the Chilli brand has continued to grow with the formation of Hot Sauce, a Chilli women’s team.Read More
The Great Chilli Wedding

Posted On November 4, 2014By Julia HarrisIn News

The Great Chilli Wedding

Saturday, November 1 2014 will go down in the annuals of Chilli Ultimate as one of the club's greatest days. And not because it was Rob Skelton's birthday...Read More
Christine Moore

Posted On September 5, 2014By Julia HarrisIn News

Chilli remembers departing Moore

Christine Moore, Cape Town Ultimate's Mama Bear and lover of cats, has left Cape Town.Read More
Chilli audio

Posted On March 14, 2014By Julia HarrisIn News

Chilli AudioBooks prove a success

Chilli Ultimate's latest commercial venture, AudioBooks, have proved a massive success, with the latest realease, Hoë Vyf 101 shooting straight to the top of the influential Ultimate AudioBook charts.Read More

Posted On March 4, 2014By Julia HarrisIn News

The German connection lives on

Chilli is known for its worldwide smattering of former stars. The most recent region to add itself to the list is Germany.Read More
Chilli ladies

Posted On March 4, 2014By Julia HarrisIn News

Chilli’s fine young fillies

Long gone are the days of men dominating the yearly Chilli intake, with the 2014 crop possessing a refreshing feminine feel.Read More

Posted On February 27, 2014By Julia HarrisIn News

Chilli starlet has them eating dust

Rising Chilli star Roark Robinson has proved he isn't just a class act on the Ultimate field by claiming a podium finish in the latest round of the Spur Trail Running Series.Read More