Laura Barclay

LauraNickname: Khaleesi
Chilli debut: 2013
Jersey number:
Line: O

Bio: Khaleesi, sometimes called ‘Laura Barclay’, was a major player for Chilli in the 2013 season, having signed from UCT at the end of 2012.

She is the only surviving child of King Aerys II Targaryen, who was ousted from the Vancouver Boat Party during the Canadian rebellion.

Barclay lived in exile in the South for many years, filming braais. During this time she gained the confidence and strength to lead and the belief in herself as the rightful queen of the endzones.

During her campaign in the Bay of the South, she was introduced as Khaleesi, Queen of O and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Scoville and Breaker of Cups. Khaleesi also earned the title of Conqueror of Dragons as she both understands and shames dragons through her wise demeanor and hobbit-like wit. She has proven herself as a leader and a rampager through her swift and (for the most part) merciless conquests of South African Ultimate.

She hatched three endzone plays by having her uncooked eggs beaten in a beer mug with jack black and rum, downed to soundtrack of the first album of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, before she walked into the flames and crushed the empty glass with her teeth. Her dragons are the first seen in the world for hundreds of years, earning her the sobriquet Mother of Dragons.

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